Got Pain? Get Releaf!


Pain can be unpredictable, but your source of comfort doesn’t have to be. REO Releaf uses only the highest quality of Essential Oils. We use first press, cold press oils. The synergistic combination of these essential oils drives a one of a kind therapeutic benefit. REO Releaf utilizes anti-inflammatory properties that promote a holistic approach to better health.

Real Essential Oils

For Real Life Problems



Sweet Almond Oil is most well-known for the natural properties that keep your skin feeling nourished and giving it a healthy radiant glow.


Eucalyptus has numerous health benefits from reducing inflammation, antiseptic, and other medicinal qualities that the world has come to know.


With an undeniably restoring, fresh, and floral scent, lavender oil is an essential oil that is not only appealing to your sense of smell but has nurturing underlying properties, making this oil well-known aromatherapy.


Peppermint oil has a familiar, revitalizing, and energizing scent that can create a sense of focus and increase mental stimulation for those days that need something a bit of boost.


Marjoram oil is distilled from flowering and dried leaves. Marjoram is known to help relieve colds, headaches, and fight inflammation.


To the touch, this oil has a warming effect which can help bring blood to areas that have poor circulation. It can help alleviate inflammation and arthritis

What does it mean to have 100% pure oil?

Buying from established and trusted aromatherapy suppliers who understand how important it is to meet our standard of high-quality oils. For it to be 100% pure it would mean that nothing in the oil is added or taken away from it as well. We are proud to have 100% pure and natural oil for REO.

Our Story

When I was a child, my Uncle Dave, a man who tried to bring a smile to everyone he met, unexpectedly became very ill. After testing, he was sadly diagnosed with having contracted the HIV Virus. The quality of life my Uncle began experiencing was one of misery and struggle. My Father, determined to help his brother with his physical pain, started experimenting with essential oils and holistic medicine alternatives, and their effects on the human body. Unpredictably, my father had discovered a way to provide my Uncle with some of the control over the pain that he lost to his disease.

Since then, my father’s formula was passed down to me, and that is the essential oil blend we have decided to share with the world.

-Lawrence Rogers, CEO and Founder, REO RELEAF LLC

5 Stars!!! I recently saw these people at a tradeshow where I was working. I had a car injury two years ago and my back was killing me after a day of walking on concrete floors. I was amazed to discover that within 10 minutes of applying REO, the pain was gone. I don’t mean it was covered up, or it was hidden. I mean the pain was gone! I then had to drive two hours after the show, which is usually a nightmare. There was no pain all the way home. I could not be more amazed or happy with the product. I use it now as a preventative every day before the pain even starts. THANK YOU!!!
Anthony S.
If you haven't tried this yet, you have to. Recently diagnosed with arthritis, the medications for that are all detrimental to the liver and kidneys. Got my REO on Saturday, woke up Sunday and my fingers wouldn't bend and I was in so much pain.. rolled on my oil, and the pain was rolled away and my fingers were working again.. ever have that annoying pain in your shoulder blades? rolled it on today and I could feel the pain leaving. I've been passing this roller around the office and people can't believe how well it works and it smells great too! Better get yours now before everyone finds out about this great product! Thanks REO for my relief!
Theresa C.
For 18 years I’ve dealt with minor muscle pains in my shoulders and neck due to a car accident. My chiropractor helps keep me in line but when it comes to muscle strains and other issues from just poor arch support in my feet or lower back pain I am so thankful I found REO Releaf! One application and the pain is gone. Thank you for this amazing product! 💚
Charlotte J.
I Love this oil!!! It has helped me with headaches, back and neck pain. I highly recommend it for any kind of aches and pains.
Erica W.