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Pain can be unpredictable, but your source of comfort doesn't have to be. REO Releaf uses only the highest quality of Essential Oils. We use first press, cold press oils. The synergistic combination of these essential oils drives a one of a kind therapeutic benefit. REO Releaf utilizes anti-inflammatory properties that promote a holistic approach to better health.

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Real Essential Oils

For Real Life Ailments



    Sweet Almond Oil is most well-known for the natural properties that keep your skin feeling nourished and giving it a healthy radiant glow.


    Eucalyptus has numerous health benefits from reducing inflammation, antiseptic, and other medicinal qualities that the world has come to know.


    With an undeniably restoring, fresh, and floral scent, lavender oil is an essential oil that is not only appealing to your sense of smell but has nurturing underlying properties, making this oil well-known aromatherapy.


    Peppermint oil has a familiar, revitalizing, and energizing scent that can create a sense of focus and increase mental stimulation for those days that need something a bit of boost.


    Marjoram oil is distilled from flowering and dried leaves. Marjoram is known to help relieve colds, headaches, and fight inflammation.


    To the touch, this oil has a warming effect which can help bring blood to areas that have poor circulation. It can help alleviate inflammation and arthritis

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What does it mean to have a 100% pure oil?

Buying from established and trusted aromatherapy suppliers who understand how important it is to meet our standard of high-quality oils. For it to be 100% pure it would mean that nothing in the oil is added or taken away from it as well. We are proud to have 100% pure and natural oil for REO.

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When I was a child, my Uncle Dave, a man who tried to bring a smile to everyone he met, unexpectedly became very ill. After testing, he was sadly diagnosed with having contracted the HIV Virus. The quality of life my Uncle began experiencing was one of misery and struggle. My Father, determined to help his brother with his physical pain, started experimenting with essential oils and holistic medicine alternatives, and their effects on the human body. Unpredictably, my father had discovered a way to provide my Uncle with some of the control over the pain that he lost to his disease.

Since then, my father’s formula was passed down to me, and that is the essential oil blend we have decided to share with the world.

-Lawrence Rogers, CEO and Founder, REO RELEAF LLC

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What our Customers Say

Magic Relief

I was skeptical to say the least but after trying Reo releaf for the first time my chronic lower back pain was not as intense as usual....I take ibuprofen daily and decided to try this in its place...I was amazed after a few days the sharp pain I would normally have went from a 10 to a 2 on the pain has an awesome fresh scent which I also love...I’m a nurse and after a long shift I love the fact I just roll it on and have relief...I’m sure the anti inflammatory in the product is helping me and there is no side effects...just natural products...Thanks again for introducing me to Reo releaf.
- Tamara Pateras

Best Natural Pain Relief

I started using this product because I was looking for relief from my aches and pains and wanted a product that I didn't have to worry about any lingering side effects. This is now my "go to" product! I use it for practically everything and it truly has been the one thing that gives me relief!
- Jeena H

Great Pain Relief

I've had pain for many years & been looking for relief. I wish I could have had this product then. But am thrilled I have it now. Thank you Reo
- Willie D

Awesome Product for Pain Management & More

I'm a woman on the go that suffers from plantar fasciitis & lower back pain. What a blessing REO relief has been! The roller stick bottle makes it convenient to use and easy to apply! Also use this on my legs to help with circulation (was a 15 year plus smoker) and have used it successfully to help open my chest/sinuses when I had pneumonia coupled with a sinus infection! Just doesn't get any better than this!
- Kristi Padgett

Amazing Product!

My husband had a completely torn ACL and had screws put in his knee years ago. Now arthritis is kicking in and the doctors say he is too young for a knee replacement. Reo Releaf has helped him so much with the pain and we are so thankful.
- Trish Sander

Very Thankful

I had horrible pain in my joints and getting up in the mornings and after a long day it would be unbearable. My wife brought home REO relief one day and told me to try it. I have tried all the over the counter products in the past and received very little relief from those so I used it just to satisfy her. Now I am so thankful that I did. This product has improved my quality of life and is a absolute game changer. Thank you REO relief for finally giving us a product that works and continues to work day in and day out.
- Jeff McClinton

True to its name!!!

I know reviews are supposed to be short and to the point… But I want everybody to know about this product… I have psoriasis and Along with that psoriatic arthritis ... there’s times when I could not move my fingers… There’s times when I could not even wear shorts or short sleeve shirt because my psoriasis is so bad on my arms and legs… I am a nurse and I work with lots of doctors… I have tried everything from creams, systemic injections, (which depleted my immune system even more than the disease does), tanning beds, etc ... I have had patients remove me from there caseload because of my skin ... it’s painful and even humiliating at times ... I tried REO Relief and immediately saw improvement ... I have used this product for over a year in my daily routine and you can NOT even tell I have psoriasis anymore… I no longer have to have a ultrasound treatments on my joints from the pain from the psoriatic arthritis ... I wish the world could hear about this product and even educate my patients about this ... finally there is a product that is 100% safe for you that actually works ... my daughter has eczema and when she has flair ups a little before bed and she wakes up without the itching and red bumps ... you only have one body and REO Relief is there for you without the crazy side effects you obtain from medications ... #nurseandmomapproved
- Stephanie Wells


I have been using REO oil for a year+ for different aches and pains and love it. This past few months I have developed a pinched nerve in my shoulder blade. My saving grace, until it's healed, has been the original oil with the roller ball. I can't wait to get home from work at night so my husband can roll that into my spot ( pinched nerve). Great stuff! Thank you REO.
- Tracey Candelora


I have lateral and medial meniscus tears in my knee. After being on my feet for 13 plus hours bartending and hobbling around I was tired of it so I tried the REO Releaf roll on. I'll admit, I wasn't a believer but tried it anyways. I was wrong!!! I still had to have knee surgery due to the extent of my injury, but this magic in a bottle gave me the relief I needed. A year after surgery, my knee still gets achy at times. I've quit using Ibuprofen and now the REO Releaf is my new go -to!
- Diane Parks

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