Does your pain management system have side effects? Hopefully the answer is no!

retro, vintage, kitchen Growing up, Grandma used to say, “The Earth gives us what we need to sustain life”. I use to think that pertained just to the nutrients we ate, not to the items we needed to fix our selves. When I became a mother, I would refer to Grandma; she had a cure for everything. It usually started with a trip to the pantry or the garden.

Peppermint for an upset tummy, eucalyptus for stuffy noses, lavender baths after a hard day of work or play… oh how the list would go on & on!

Our world today seems to be much different. We are always looking for the quick fix, the easy way out, a simple solution. We turn to the expert, our doctor, when we are sick, injured, or just not feeling up to par. The quick fix is a prescription for a pill or magic elixir.

Have you ever looked up the side effects of the medicines you take every day? GO ahead and look them up… I can wait!

Have you ever read the label on your over the counter medicines – how many ingredients can you pronounce?

Surprised? Some sites even have the wording, “up to and including death”. Have you listened to the drug commericals on television? It seems the very solution we are looking for can be the start of additional problems. And the practice of medicine can not even give us exact information because everyone is different!

Several things can affect who does and does not have a side effect when taking a drug – age, gender, allergies, how the body absorbs the drug, other drugs, vitamins and dietary supplements that you may be taking.

REO Releaf is all natural!

  •  ALL Essential oils
  •  NO side effects
  •  USE AS NEEDED, not as directed


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